Inverter applications

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Inverter applications

We introduce some of applications where are installed our inverters

installed powtran inverter suction fan

In a restaurant of city worked a suction fan for climatisation. The specialist had oversized this machine , so created a big vacuum at rooms, to close the input door was difficult. When dors were open, there was wind. We had istalled 7,5 kW inverter, decreased the frequency from 50 Hz to 40 Hz, and the problem finished. The air exchange was good, and vacuum and wind disappeared in rooms. The local installation time duration less than 2 hours.

frekvenciaváltó ablak készítő gépbe szerelve

In a plastic doors and windows manufacturing machine stopped working the original motor speed driver. At the site by the connections identificated the functions of old inverter. According this result, we installed INVT inverter on the picture, programmed it and the machine works without any problem. Time duration of this work 1 hour.

fafeldolgozó gyárba telepített 22kW-os motor lágyindítója.

At a wood -works company there was an essential suction fan, which could be started by star-delta connection uncertainly.Every second starts the protection switched off. When we installed a Powtran softstarter, all start is certain.

kertészeti öntözőt működtető kültéri frekvenciaváltó

At a private horticulture owner wanted watering from his owen well. Water quantity of the installed 4 kW pump must be set always according to the request.The electrical protection couldn't start the pump by direct starting or star delta start. When we installed the speed driver in the picture, pump worked properly. The price was much less than buying more electrical power from energy service .

vegyi üzemben mobil légfúvót működtető frekvenciaváltó 1 fázis betáppal

At a chemical factory during maintenance must be remove dangerous gases by blowing in fresh air. They made a mobil e blower for this task. A 3 phases motor was the best for this purpose. But the device was mobile, and there wasn't everywhere 3phases network connection. The solution was the installation of an 1 phase in, 3 phases output inverter.There was solved of 1 fhase to 3 phase converter problem, and and there was no inrush current during startup, which could cause problem when generator is the power supply.

marógépet működtető frekvenciaváltó
szennyvízszivattyú hajtás frekvenciaváltó szekrény kültéri kivitelben

At a local government operated more waste water pumps. They started by star-delta connection. The current of the site was less than 3 x 50A and the contracts was for it. At the star delta start up inrush currents was so high, switched off the 80 A protection too. the expenses to buy more power from electricity service was much higher than expenses of installation of a motor speed driver. The had bought 2 of them, and the price was 50% of a possible energy extension. The permitted operating temperature of GD200 inverters are between + 50 C degree and -10 C degree, thehere was no problem when winter outside temperature was - 18 C degree.